Sunday, November 28, 2010

Joie Pantalons

There is a new rule that outings to parks require the wearing of pants. These were picked out by Ella's Daddy - and so were OK.

although fairy costumes are usually her favoured form of apparel.

Wearing pants, Glebe Park on a late Spring afternoon, time with Mummy and Daddy, ropes to climb, slides to rush, swings to joy!

Then dinner together at North Quarter and a chance to check out the beautiful Robert Foster light sculptures in the new ActewAGL building, much to Ella's delight.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You can tell Christmas is coming

because today is feeling like summer may be around the corner, after weeks of cool, wet Spring weather (Canberra's wettest year in 11 years and our dams are just over 90% full - yay!).

and because our garden is looking it's Summer best with plenty of red flowers for Christmas bunches: gorgeous callistemon......

and those hardy old rose bushes I held on to throughout the worst years of the drought,

including the Scarlet Queen Elizabeth rose, one of the few plants we kept from the house's original garden, which helps to explain its very 60s-70s brashness and monarchist references. I've never seen it look so healthy as it does this season.

and because all those end of year events are unfolding: parties and dinners and festive outfits to plan, the December birthdays to celebrate, present shopping, and a quick visit from London Davey to liven up the pre-Christmas preparation.

It's also time for the end of year performances for students studying the Suzuki method (piano). Sophie successfully completed her Book 3 this year and entertained us on Saturday afternoon with a beautiful performance of 7 classical pieces played meticulously on the baby grand.

I always remember Thomas in the same circumstances would sometimes fit in his concerts in between long bike rides and sweaty ball games so it was very special that Sophie dressed so beautifully for the stage. Proving her versatility she and friend T. had a complete wardrobe change straight after, ready for the next event on their social calendar, a friend's twelfth birthday "Hollywood" theme party.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coogee reno

I arrived at Coogee last Thursday to see the results of Nic (father) and Nick's (son) 8 days of hard work painting our apartment. Given the state of the original paint work I would say they each spent 6 days scraping and then the remaining time painting. I was absolutely thrilled with their work. The apartment has been transformed.

That is Porter's Paint Polo in the living area (and the back wall of the bedroom) and Dulux Whisper White everywhere else (1/4 strength on the ceilings).

Now if we can get everyone else on the Body Corporate to make up their minds about fixing and painting the windows (exterior) we will have really achieved something!

The trouble is it all looks so beautiful it makes it harder for us to decide whether or not to rent out the apartment next year.