Saturday, January 24, 2009

For (London) Cath

This is another priceless image from Joshy's first decade book. It was taken in October 1980 on the verandah of "Wichard Wobert's" house at Broulee Beach. This holiday marks the first time that Joshy (aged 20 months) and Davey (aged 3) really became a pair of "lads" together having "sweating good fun". The most exciting day for them was when the Flick man visited the house and gave them some pest control stickers.

We were able to catch up with Sydney Clare and Miss Zoe this week over a long brunch at Digi-Kaf, St John's Road Glebe (Leo Sayer's fave local apparently, although he wasn't there the day we were). Miss Z is really thriving with lots of gorgeous curves and dimples where it really counts. She loved having her Dad look after her in January while her Mum started back at work.

While Canberra was experiencing wild storms and heavy rainfall Sydney just got hotter and hotter this week. We spent more time enjoying beautiful Coogee Beach this time - taking dips in the water (not too freezing at around 20oC) and just appreciating that gorgeous coastal walks. Jennifer Hawkins often takes the Sth Coogee walk too we have noted, although I suspect she must do a lot more activity than that to maintain her perfectly sculpted body.
We also spent some time exploring Surrey Hills on Thursday. We got so hot in the process we had to have a long stop at the Clock Hotel (Davey's old haunt) on Crown St for Redback beers and a bit of a recover in the aircon. Luckily I recovered enough to be able to try a vanilla and strawberry brulee tart later at the famous Bourke St Bakery, which I decided was even better than anything I had tried in France.
Despite the heat (It was over 40oC when J & J & Miss E arrived at Coogee today around 1.30pm) Ella was all smiles and in a great mood for a short Sydney break with her Mummy and Daddy. I have heard that the predicted cool change arrived late this afternoon so Sydney will be bearable again tomorrow for them.

J & J plan to steer clear of Australia Day celebrations in Sydney. Like us they don't feel Australian enough to drape a flag around themselves and drink beer all day, getting progressively more offensive.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

30 years ago

I created a "First decade book" as a gift to Josh, for his 30th birthday. This was taken on the day we brought him home from hospital on 30 January 1979.

Josh was 7 months old when this was taken at the park in Braidwood with his Dad, cousins Claire & Davey and their Mum & Dad.

He was about 10 months old when these two shots were taken in our garden.

Maxie made the cake for his first birthday party (but that was 29 years ago).

It was a double celebration yesterday for the January birthday boys (Rob and Joshy) and a welcome back for C & J & O & A, from their action packed holiday in Italy. It was a special enough occasion to celebrate with Moet on a perfect summer afternoon, 25o and very mellow outdoors, which the little kids all loved. Ollie seems very grown up - way too mature all of a sudden for the little people toys here (After all he's been to ITALY already; he can even say his "L" sounds now as well as some Italian words!).
Miss E didn't find the big boys games (with the "dog ants") overwhelming at all. She thinks her dad is great even though he's no longer in his twenties.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marrickville, Monet and Matt Moran

Using our 2009 Sydney Foodie Guide we headed out to Marrickville on a sunny, hot, summer day last week. We found the Vietnamese restaurant area and the famous Hellenic bakery and ate a very ordinary rare beef noodle soup for lunch. Rob recovered from his disappointment by finding this funny cubby hole Pork Roll shop - with delicious French style rolls.

I recovered when we discovered Serendipity Ice Creams on Enmore Road and was able to hoe into a fig, honey and pistachio ice cream.
We had wonderful week in Sydney: beach walks, dangling legs in the Wylie pool (water was too cold for a swim at 18.9oC), movies at the Ritz , Monet and the Impressionists exhibition, dinner with our Canberra neighbours at Barzura's and then our celebration dinner at Matt Moran's Aria Restaurant at Circular Quay last Thursday night.
Somehow we managed to book the best table in the house......

The food, wine and company were exceptional but the view was absolutely amazing.

A slightly cheesy touch was the acknowledgement of our wedding anniversary on the petit fours platter - but it worked for us!

While we love our Sydney stays it is always a thrill to get back to Canberra and catch up with Miss E and the rest of the family, including their emails and photos from Italy and China.
Miss E gave us a lengthy trampoline jumping show this afternoon. Joy personified!

Even when trampolining Miss E has to wear her favourite shoes (present from Sydney Clare), still a tiny bit too big but currently irremovable from Miss E. Shoes are a bit of thing at the moment. Miss E demanded Rob change his yesterday as they didn't meet her expectations in some way. Of course he did it!
We are all looking forward to the return of the Primroses from their Itawee sojourn tomorrow.