Sunday, August 24, 2008

Angie does Murray (the red Wiggle)

Angie was able to channel his favourite Wiggle (red guitar playing Murray) this afternoon, after opening his second birthday present from Nanny & Poppa.

Rob reckons he was chanelling "Dave Hole" at this point.

Rob tried introducing him to some SRV riffs

Ollie maintained his focus on the party food, a few overs of cricket and reading some more chapters of his favourite Robin Hood story book.

Ella has loved all the birthday parties this month, including her darling mummy's (who celebrates a big one herself tomorrow).

She continues to enjoy all the party food - especially my muffins, blue vein cheese, chocolate cake, lamb kebabs, croissants.....

The design for Angie's birthday cake this year was an obvious choice.

Happy birthday Angie Murray SRV

Remember that once
there was SR---V
but now there's Ang----ie
Play that thang!

Monday, August 18, 2008

T & J & J together again

Jane came from Balmoral, Brisbane, Tania came from Roseville, Sydney (via 2 year stints in each of Chelsea, London and Tokyo, Japan) and Rob and I came up from Canberra via Coogee so that we three "girls" could recapture the fun we had teaching together at Canberra High in the late eighties. We started off in Coogee on Friday, talking, laughing, walking and then lunching at Barzuras on the beach.

Saturday morning Jane, Rob and I explored the Paddo Markets and Oxford St before meeting up with Tania at Kirribilli for lunch. The Whiteley's house at Lavender Bay is so close by and Jane and Tania had never seen Wendy's garden before, grown magically out of the overgrown dump beside the old railway line circling this part of Lavender Bay.

We always wore a lot of black in the late eighties too - it was great for hiding paint marks! Jane and I had perms too back then.

Sydney was cold and windy so it was extra lovely to visit Tania and Alan at home in Roseville on Saturday night. Their beautiful, big old home with its fire burning and wood panelling softly glowing was warm and welcoming. Tania had prepared poached ocean trout - in champagne no less, preceded by a tomato soup...... an amazing meal!

It was wonderful to meet the beautiful Morgan, sociable Aine and friend Becky and Lola the incredibly cute Jack Russel/ Pug cross. We were also privileged to taste one of Alan's 15 year old Penfold's St Henri Shirazes.

We all met up for brunch at Kazbah on Darling St, Balmain on Sunday morning before Rob left for home and we three headed off to the Powerhouse Museum (via ferry from Balmain Wharf to Darling Harbour) to experience the Sydney Design Show. We found lots of inspiration (and laughter) at the Young Designers' expos (one international and one local) and lots of opportunities to talk with the young designers about their beautiful products.

Best fun of all was being able to "buy" art works from young Sydney art students who had set up a temporary painting studio outside the Museum, as a bit of a fund raiser. I have christened the portrait I "purchased" (by $10 donation) "Pablo" as he looks like a bumptious version of Pablo Picasso in his south of France days (you can tell that it is the south of France because he's wearing a striped top)!

Jane and I headed back to Brisbane and Canberra today after completing the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk this morning in cold, windy but clear conditions. Unfortunately we saw no sign of the 2 whales (and one calf) that had excited us so much on Saturday morning as they looped and lolled about in the water off Coogee Beach.

We missed out on seeing Miss E this weekend so I have had to post these week old images of her enjoying her bath. Last weekend she was enduring the effects of a head cold, like almost everyone else in Canberra. She really enjoyed her hot, steamy bath and chance to have a clear head.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dinosaur rapture

We drove back early from Sydney today on a beautiful late winter, windy morning; clear blue skies and all the wattles around Sydney out in bloom, although still too early in the season for them to be out around Canberra. We had to be back in time for Ollie's fourth birthday family party. Luckily there were enough presents for all three littlies in the family to enjoy an adventure filled, battery driven afternoon.

They were all amazed by the "dino-raptor" which growled and lumbered around the house with reptilian swagger.

They were all intrigued by its tail which curled and swung and shivered when you touched it.

Angie was most impressed by the Explorer Set binoculars which he was convinced needed to be viewed through a point in the middle of his forehead.

Rob took the best picture of the day: Ollie looking angelic in his new Fireman's uniform.

Ollie took this beautiful picture of his Mummy

and paid me back for taking his picture, by taking mine.

And then there is the cake...